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Career Choice guides young people to make informed career choices that lead to career fulfillment.

Who we are

Career Choice is a platform built by industry experts to offer career guidance to students aged 15-19 years. We do this in collaboration with parents, teachers, career counselors, and certified career coaches.

Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, we offer our services throughout the African continent.

Career Choice

Our Belief

We are driven by the belief that leadership and talent are the most important drivers of Africa's development.

Everything Career Choice does contributes to enabling young people make informed career choices that lead to career fulfilment – careers that lead to lifelong happiness and satisfaction. It is not enough that a career pays well. We believe that it should also challenge and excite you. Only then can you do it to your full potential, contributing to your growth as a person, the growth of the industry, and your country as well.

Our Services

Online Counselling

Currently, we provide career counseling sessions on Facebook. Students and parents can reach out to us via inbox messages.

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Modern Workflow
Career Insights

We also post insightful posts and answer questions on our Facebook page.

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In the coming weeks and months, we will be releasing amazing products and career guidance solutions for young people aged 15-19 years who are in the midst of career choice decisions and therefore encourage you to sign up for our updates.