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At Recser Human Capital, we believe that leadership and talent are the most important drivers of Africa's development. Everything we do contributes to leapfrogging development in Africa - through placement and development of leaders and talented people in organisations.

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Our goal is to deliver the right talent to you. We achieve this by drawing on our vast experience and wide networks to find people with the right skills and experience mix for you. Our recruitment approach is not merely transactional but strategic, looking to offer enduring value to your organisation and the employee.

Our Recruitment Steps
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1.Receive the job request

We take time to understand your company, the position and how it fits in, the competences required to excel in the job, as well as your expectations.

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2.Search for the right people

We will search our extensive database, reach out to our networks or advertise in order to reach the best talent for the position.

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3.Screen the candidates

At this point we will conduct initial interviews, carry out assessment and psychometric tests, and complete reference checks and other requirements as necessary.

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4.Present you with a shortlist

We will then come up with a shortlist of the best candidates for the role, discuss them with you at length and assist you with making the final decision if required.

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5.Post-employment follow up

After you settle on one candidate we will follow up to make sure that the candidate is settling in well.

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